Dienstag, 21. Juli 2015


I can't sing it strong enough
'Cause that kind of strength I just don't have
With a watch, the light changed
To "hold" then "hanging"...

You think it's easy, but you're wrong
I am not one half of the problem
Zurich is stained, and it's not my fault
Just hold me back or let me run

So what does it mean, a mistake or two
If it's the kind of mistakes no one can trace
To the fountain where we sold it
And held them hanging?

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Während sich in Golm seltsame Frösche rumtreiben, bin ich in Pappelhausen diesem Insekt begegnet:

Wer eine Idee hat, wie es heißt bitte mailen. Hinweise: es ist nicht die Feuerwanze.

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