Freitag, 15. Januar 2021
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Peer review and gender bias: A study on 145 scholarly journals
"Scholarly journals are often blamed for a gender gap in publication rates, but it is unclear whether peer review and editorial processes contribute to it. This article examines gender bias in peer review with data for 145 journals in various fields of research, including about 1.7 million authors and 740,000 referees. We reconstructed three possible sources of bias, i.e., the editorial selection of referees, referee recommendations, and editorial decisions, and examined all their possible relationships. Results showed that manuscripts written by women as solo authors or coauthored by women were treated even more favorably by referees and editors. Although there were some differences between fields of research, our findings suggest that peer review and editorial processes do not penalize manuscripts by women. However, increasing gender diversity in editorial teams and referee pools could help journals inform potential authors about their attention to these factors and so stimulate participation by women."


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Freitag, 1. Januar 2021
Goddess Garbage & Gewalt crowd funding
"GG&G is a short film about plastic pollution and wasted gods! A cinematic allegory of our time. What is sacred? And can it save us? Nature and man are in a war without winners. The gods that man once created seem powerless."

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Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2020
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An Atlas of Minor Projects

Synthetic biology 2020–2030: six commercially-available products that are changing our world

District Heating with Seasonal Storage in Vojens Denmark

Leesen müßt Ihr selbst.

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Samstag, 12. Dezember 2020
Longest known exposure photograph ever captured using a beer can
"A photograph thought to be the longest exposure image ever taken has been discovered inside a beer can at the University of Hertfordshire’s Bayfordbury Observatory."

Why cities are not as bad for you as you think
"Contrary to popular belief, living in densely populated cities can offer many health benefits – even during a pandemic."

Very serious concerns after student calls out journal for fleet of Star Trek articles, other issues
"An undergraduate student in the United Kingdom has taken to task the editors of a purportedly scholarly journal for having published more than 100 papers by a Maltese researcher with a deep affinity for Star Trek."

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Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2020
covid-corona-blog #39: dito
Bei uns wird der Shutdown wieder verschärft. Das liest sich dann so:
"Bay Area health officers will implement the state's Regional Stay At Home Order in the coming days. The order instructs residents to stay at home as much as possible to limit the mixing of households, which can lead to the spread of COVID-19. It allows access to, and travel for, critical services and allows outdoor activities. The city of ... will implement the order on Monday, Dec. 7, 2020 at 12:01 a.m. In Marin County, the order will take effect on Tuesday, Dec. 8. Contra Costa, San Francisco, and Santa Clara counties will implement the order on Sunday, Dec. 6. For all public health jurisdictions, the new restrictions will remain in place until Monday, Jan. 4, 2021."

Unterdessen: Wir brauchen diese Live-Energie (beatsteaks)

Haltet durch!

siehe auch: #38

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Donnerstag, 26. November 2020
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Native people take a different view of Thanksgiving
"The narrative that many people have been taught beginning in elementary school about the First Thanksgiving celebration in the United States is based on historically inaccurate myths that fail to acknowledge the devastation wrought by settler colonialism, including genocide, land theft, forced assimilation and cultural appropriation."

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No Trespassing
Tip von Tilly-Billy: Trees swallowing Trespassing Signs

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Mittwoch, 18. November 2020
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The futuristic cargo ship made of wood

Das ENM über Extrabreit

20 Years Aboard the International Space Station

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Freitag, 13. November 2020
Manch spam-Emails sind interessant zu lesen. ZB:

I am Barrister Fred Branson, a personal attorney to Late Ing. Alexander [lastname], a national of your country, and a former Director of Air Liquide operation USA, an Oil & Gas distribution company base in united States of America . On February 3, 2015, my client died together, with his wife and their only daughter on the New York's Train Crash, which unfortunately killed 6 people and wounded about adozen others.

My client had an account valued at about ($ 18.7 million dollars ) he deposited in a bank here in USA. I'm contacting you, so that you will stand as an appointed legal beneficiary (next of kin),since you have the same last name with my client and this amount will be paid into your account then I will come to your country, you and I will share the money 45% for me and 45% for you, then 10% for the Orphanage.

I don't want you to worry about the legal part of the transaction because I'll guide the transaction so that it will go in line with the law in our favor. I will need the following information from you to so that i will give you full details on how to achieve this ...

Den Unfall gab es tatsächlich. Es ist niemand mit meinem Nachnamen unter den Verunglückten.

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Dienstag, 3. November 2020
Morgen, Kinder, wird's was geben ... Aus politischen Dingen halte ich mich raus, bin ja Gast in diesem Land.
Hier nur eine Email von der Uni: "We ... understand that the results of the presidential election will have broad impacts on the United States, current U.S. immigration policies, and the cultural and political climate that our international students, scholars and employees encounter. Leading up to the election, and following the election, we encourage our international community to seek resources to support their mental health and well-being as we navigate this period of anxiety and change."

Nachtrag (4.11.2020): Die US-Wahl ist noch nicht offiziell entschieden, aber Menschen auf Twitter meinen, sie wird auf Biden hinauslaufen. Unterdessen erzählte mir ein Kollege, die Menschen in Brasilien verfolgen die Wahl mit großem Interesse. Die Logik ist, daß sich das Ergebnis auf die Wahl in Brasilien widerspiegeln wird (Bolsanaro).

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