Dienstag, 12. Oktober 2010
Again, it took me longer than a week to write here. I have been a bit busy. Friday I submitted a paper to PRL, let's see how long it takes to be rejected. Meanwhile no news from Washington, New York Avenue. But I guess in this case no news is good news (but I am sure to receive the rejection within this week - just to be realistic).

Friday some friends came to Berlin and we had a good time including a party. Saturday we went to an exhibition about energy. Although some aspect are not fully precise, I liked it since it picks some aspects as central themes, which we also consider. That's why I hereby officially recommend the exhibition (and all nspeas should visit it).

Currently, I am in Stockholm - it is nice to come back. Today I learned about Vasa, a ship that sank more than 300 years ago close to Stockholm. It is amazing, that such an old ship is preserved in so good conditions. I think Germans can learn a lot from Wasa. In fact the ship is in a sense in line with other examples such as the Titanic.

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